Real Estate Agents

We’ll hold the house up, not your closing.

We understand the home selling process. We commit to doing our part to make sure your houses close on time. With lots of experience in real estate sales, we are excited to provide the service you need to buy or sell your next home.

Every client has different needs, whether they are a buyer (from first-time to property investors) or seller of the home, and we understand those differing needs and will aid in meeting your client’s objectives for the property.

New rules around Due Diligence in South Carolina only increase the pressure. You now must do your inspections, review everything, and make repair determinations quicker than ever.

Generally, we can inspect your client’s home within 48-72 hours and often turn around an evaluation and estimate by the end of the day.

As we said, we commit to not being the reason your house doesn’t close on time. We know closing is not an isolated event. Often there are so many other events attached to the close, like the sale of another house, the start of a new school year, the job, moving trucks, and painters.

With a signed contract and a short conversation with your closing attorney, you can pay for all of your repairs out of escrow, and we can provide letters to lenders to get you close across the finish line.

If your client needs help with:

  • Cracks in the walls (interior and exterior)
  • Dips, slopes, hills, humps, and bound in the floors
  • Water in the crawlspace or basement
  • High moisture
  • A vapor barrier
  • Suspicion of damage
  • Concerns over termites or other CL-100 issues
  • New Construction pre-drywall inspections

Don’t wait for a home inspector to make a note telling you to check with a qualified contractor; schedule an appointment today.

Do you have an inspection already and are unsure if a possible structural or foundation issue that was called out is really an issue? We can help send us a copy of the inspection and will reply within 24 hours to set up a visit if needed.


One more thing before you go because we know it matters.

All our repairs come with a no-nonsense warranty that transfers to whoever owns the house. There is no paperwork to fill out. If we did the work, we will stand behind it. Simple as that, just like it should be.